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Conversation with Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan on challenges, Grammy...
The dichotomies between young and senior artists, those from an artist background and those who are not, the ones who make it to the world of fame
Conversation with V.P Gupta | Art Connoisseur | Music Healing
V P Gupta Ji shares his journey of life from earning a mere 20₹ a month at 12 years of age to finding music as a health healer at his 60, to his honest reasons of being a veteran Art Connoisseur today.
Conversations with Chand Nizami | Nizami Bandhu | Sufi Music | Sufi Qawwali Singer...
In an indulgent conversation with Chand Nizami from Nizami Bandhu, Match My [Talent] understood the real meaning of Sufism and Sufi Music!
Conversation with Susmit Sen | Guitarist | Musician ...
The guitar legend Susmit Sen has touched innumerable hearts with his strings of guitar. In this candid chat he talks about the importance of folk music, his first guitar, creating his own sound through his time with Indian Ocean and Susmit Sen Chronicles...

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Yes, we’re the next step to building a stellar network of showbiz.
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Yes, we’re the next step to building a stellar network of showbiz.
Are you an artist?
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Match My Talent is an enlisting and acquisition platform that connects professionals in the arts, culture and entertainment industry with each other.
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Match My Talent is a highly systemized network of thousands of artists and professionals from art, culture, media and entertainment.
Time is the key. Reaching over and beyond your own network in a safe and secure manner is a priceless value.
    What Match My Talent does for you?
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  • Find Models, Actors, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Voice-over Artists, Stunt Artists, Stage Poets, Bands, Emcees, DJ’s and other talents, likewise.
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